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Feature articles. Profiles of people and organizations. Advertorials. Marketing collateral. Branding support. Promotional materials. Websites. Social Media. Blogs. Blurbs. Ghostwriting. Columnist.


Magazines. Newspapers. Niche publications. Special sections. Multi-platform publication development. Books. Newsletters. Copy editing for articles and books.


My first “real” job was at a trade magazine for firefighters in NYC, and my next was as a section editor for a weekly newspaper covering technology and communications. Since then, I’ve held editorial positions at magazines and newspapers, and I’ve enjoyed a robust freelance career as a writer and editor for media outlets, corporations, nonprofits, and individuals. My portfolio of work spans platforms (print, digital, social, and hybrid) and subjects, including (but not limited to) philanthropy, technology, business, science, health & wellness, fitness, art, food, leisure, literature, and culture. I also earned an M.F.A. in Creative Writing Nonfiction in 2015.

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