About Emily Leinfuss     

I am a career writer, editor and project manager with a large range and depth of experience in many subjects and genres, on multi-platforms, and for many diverse clients.  I bring my early training in journalistic principles and exactitude into all the work I produce: whether old school or new-media endeavors. I feel all content should meet the same high standards, ethics and quality regardless of the delivery platform.

2012-Present Day

  • I create, write, edit, and can oversee the development of digital, print and hybrid articles, newsletters, profiles, advertorials, blogs, web sites and social media.
  • My clients have included newspapers, magazines, corporations, small businesses, philanthropic organizations, individuals’ web sites, web site developers and more.
  • The variety of subjects I’ve covered include, but are not limited to, financial and estate management, retail business, health and wellness, aging, ‘boomers,’ food and dining, golf and leisure, service industries, and philanthropy from the giver’s and the organization’s perspectives.


  • I was executive editor for a group of parenting magazines in Sarasota, FL. We published in Orlando, Manatee and Sarasota.
  • I was hired by the New York Times-owned Sarasota Herald-Tribune (now the Herald-Tribune Media Group) to develop, manage and write custom publications. During my eight years at the H-T, my job expanded to include the development of all of the newspaper’s advertorial publications, copywriting and social media.

1980’s to early 2000’s

  • One of my first jobs out of college – where I earned a B.A. in English and Journalism – was as an editor for an information technology (IT) newspaper. This was during the first and second waves of the business technology boom.  I managed sections and staff writers and wrote about financial, human resources, personal computer and networking trends.
  • As a freelancer I specialized in covering technology and business trends. My clients included magazines, newspapers, research firms and marketing agencies. I produced articles, analysis, profiles of people and companies, white papers and marketing copy. During that time I wrote and edited advertorial sections that appeared in the Businessweek, Money Magazine and Human Resource Executive.

Creative Writing

In 2015, I graduated with a M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) in creative writing from the University of Tampa.